The Biggest Reasons to Be Thankful For Document Destruction

Modern paper shredding and document destruction is a process to be thankful for. Here’s why…

We’ve come a long way since the inception of the first paper shredder, and despite it’s rather peculiar and tarnished history, modern paper shredding and document destruction is a process to be thankful for. Without commercial paper shredding, businesses and residents run the risk of identity theft, compromised ideas, and ruined reputations.

Here are some big and small reasons to be thankful for document destruction.

It protects you and your clients.

By being steadfast with your business documents, you are protecting the integrity of your client relationship. By hiring professionals you know that client lists and records are being completely demolished, a bonus that your clients will admire.

It’s good for the planet.

Legal Shred recycles what we destroy, allowing you to easily create a recycling program within your company.  Shredded paper is recycled and converted into common household paper products like toilet paper and paper towels.

It’s safer than an in-office shredder.

Office shredders only shred paper into thin strips, which are then tossed in the regular trash. Unfortunately, someone can easily reassemble these pieces, opening yourself up to all kinds of trouble. If you’re shredding personnel files, old bank statements, or customer information, you run the risk of having this information fall into the wrong hands. An industrial shredder, like Legal Shred’s mobile shredding trucks can shred more paper more efficiently, making the documents themselves useless and unable to be put back together.

It’s compliant.

Privacy laws, including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) render businesses responsible for protecting customer/consumer information. Not only is it up to businesses to legally comply with specific laws, it’s good business practice to routinely destroy old documents that have long outlived their retention periods.

It can destroy hard drives and other media.

Hard drive shredding is the only true way to achieve peace of mind when disposing of an old computer, and mobile shredding trucks like the one’s at Legal Shred can safely and securely destroy old media.

Document shredding gives both customers and businesses the peace of mind that their important information has been destroyed properly, and that alone is a big reason to be thankful.

Of course, here at Legal Shred our biggest reason we are thankful for what we do is our customers. We have the best customers in the business, and the the growth we’ve experienced over the years is because of those who have faithfully supported our endeavors.

From all of us to all of you, have a safe and healthy Thanksgiving!

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