Book Shredding (Bibles, Textbooks, Magazines, Etc.)

Here is a closer look at the right way to shred books, magazines and other paper goods.

The need to partake in recycling activities is critical today. Especially as threats continue to loom around the negative impacts of pollution on the environment. From greenhouse gases to harmful chemicals being released in the air, it is the responsibility of all citizens to do their part to reduce unnecessary or harmful items from ending up in our landfills. Book Shredding is sometimes necessary but where you can avoid it please donate.

Shredding paper is an easy and vital step in helping to achieve these goals. By working with a responsible shredding company, you can ensure the items you’re sending out for disposal are being handled responsibly.

When it comes to recycling and shredding books (text books, magazines, phone books, etc.) that are no longer in circulation, there are efficient ways to handle their disposal than simply tossing them into the trash. Here is a closer look at the right way to shred books, magazines and other paper goods.

First, you should understand any rules for separating the waste for recycling. Most books and magazines typically fall into the mixed paper category and are processed by paper mills in the U.S. for recycling. Check that the condition of the book and pages are not wet or warped, as these cannot be recycled and also be sure to remove any plastic bags from the outside or shiny papers over hardcover books.

During the recycling process, the matter is separated and then processed into something known as pulp and fibers. These become recycled materials that can be reused in different ways. Pressed into new, recycled paper for example and used in the creation of new paper goods.

This process reduces the number of trees being cut down and helps improve our overall environmental impact. Many states also require that paper products from books be recycled in compliance with the law so it is important to check their steps and requirements before you toss those old books.


Book Shredding

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