Even when you destroy a SIM card, your old cell phone still retains data.  Don’t toss this piece of equipment in the trash.

The consumer gadget market makes it painfully obvious that mobile devices have a lifespan.  While cell phones are certainly lasting longer than previous counterparts, legacy cell phones end up becoming clutter in the junk drawer.  If you find yourself needing or wanting an upgrade, make sure you don’t toss that hunk of metal in the trash can.  Destroying it is the only way to go, as your identity relies on safe media destruction practices.

Data Fraud Is Not Just For Retailers and Banks

While removing your SIM card seems like you’re doing enough, this practice is not foolproof.  You can’t just remove a SIM card and expect your old device to be secure, nor will deleting and resetting the device make it 100% safe.  A smart hacker can find a way to get what they want, SIM card not withstanding.

If the Feds Have Strict Guidelines, Why Don’t You?

The U.S. Military and Federal Government have strict guidelines on how to destroy and dispose of old cell phones, so why don’t you?  Many phones also have additional data stored on removable SD Card media. What’s more, the phone has its own internal memory, so why risk it by tossing it aside?

Even Company Cell Phones Are Vulnerable

Company-issued handsets are still vulnerable to data theft even when they’re overseen by IT departments and equipped with the latest security software.  Are you willing to compromise your company’s data, whether it’s confidential emails, trade secrets, or patented apps by keeping old devices around?

Tossing Cell Phones Is Terrible For the Environment

Throwing away cell phones literally means throwing away valuable metals including copper, silver, gold, and palladium.  Tossing cell phones in the landfill is not a sustainable action and is very detrimental to the environment.

A Hammer Isn’t Your Safest Bet

While taking a hammer to your old phone may seem cathartic, beating the old device will not likely harm the memory chips and other components that need to be destroyed.  Shredding prevents the undamaged components from being put in a new phone.

The best solution for getting rid of your old cell phone is through secure cell phone shredding.  Your data is guaranteed to be safe and irretrievable when the storage components are shredded and the scrap is recycled.

A dedicated shredder can guarantee complete destruction of electronic media.  You can rest easy and have peace of mind that your identity is safe and secure. Let Legal Shred help with your cell phone shredding needs.

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