Certificate of Destruction – What’s the Purpose? 

Certificate of Destruction – What’s the Purpose?  Here’s a quick rundown on what a Certificate of Destruction is and why it’s necessary. 

At Legal Shred, we’re in the business of helping you to remain safe and compliant with all of your data – old and new. We care about destroying files and documents that have personal identifying information like social security numbers, financial data, and even small details that could be pieced together for an identity breach. 

In addition to coming out to your facility with our huge shredding trucks and shredding all of your documents before we even drive away – we also provide you with the peace of mind and assurance you need. One of the key things we provide to prove your data has been destroyed following all laws and requirements is a Certificate of Destruction. 

Here’s a quick rundown on what that is and why it’s necessary. 

Essentially, a certificate of destruction is a formal document. You can think of it as an official seal with all of the details about your paper and how it has been handled and destroyed. That hard copy of proof saying all data was destroyed as it should be, is also used to protect your business in case of any future legal action or an audit. 

Details within these certificates include the location where the document destruction occurred, the order number to match up records with, and other information about the waste destruction process such as the truck’s arrival time, and more.

As a reminder, the following elements should be included in every certificate of destruction. (Be sure to double-check before contracting with a provider!)

  • A Unique Transaction Number
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Accurate Dates / Times / Locations
  • Fiduciary Responsibilities
  • Name of Witness

Partnering with a professional shredding services provider is essential for your business’s future. Ensure that the proper Certificate of Destruction with all necessary information is provided for each job to reduce the risks of non-compliance, fines – or worse. 

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Certificate of Destruction

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