Clean Off Your Desk Day: 3 Tips for Cleaning Off Your Desk the Right Way

Clean Off Your Desk Day is on January 11th. Celebrate with these tips for doing the job right.


Clean off Your Desk Day – Keeping a clean and tidy workspace isn’t always easy. Today, with a balance between work files and schoolwork taking over many desks, it’s important that you put a system in place to clear away the mess and keep sensitive documents protected.


2020 has been an unprecedented year for everyone. Whether you’ve returned to work and have a desk full of files and documents or have become a fully remote worker and now log in virtually for your weekly schedule, these tips will help you ensure you take that pile of clutter down and that you do so safely.


At the end of the day, the threat of identity theft is still significant, so you cannot let this change how we do things or let your guard down!


Monday, January 11 is “National Clean Off Your Desk Day” in honor of this day, we’re providing critical tips for doing this task and doing it right this year!


  1. Start with a Clean Slate

When you want to tidy things up for good, you need to start with a blank canvas. Don’t just grab everything on the desk and throw it into the trash can. This could lead to the loss of important information you needed, or worse, lead to identity theft. For the time being, gather everything on your desk and place it in a box or on a nearby table. As you clean and go through the clutter, you’ll be putting back only those necessary items on the desk. This is far easier than shifting stacks of paper and clutter from one side of the desk to the next as you try to look through it all.


  1. Disinfect Everything

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that germs can live on surfaces we least expect! When you have your desk fully cleared off, dust it off and then grab disinfectant wipes or spray and wipe down all areas of the desk. From the surface to the drawers, nobs also use appropriate cleaning supplies to wipe down monitors, keyboards, and phones. This should become a regular practice, so be sure to keep some cleaning wipes in your drawer for easy access.


  1. Sort, Toss, and Shred

The most significant undertaking when it comes to cleaning off your desk is doing the actual work of sorting the papers that have mounded up. While there is no easy way out of this part of the task, there is a safe way of handling it. Take the time to go through papers, check if they are necessary for record-keeping if they contain any personal or sensitive data on them, and then decide if they should be kept and filed away, tossed, or shredded. It’s essential never to throw the items with business or personal data into the regular waste bins. This information could end up in the wrong hands and lead to fraud, theft, or other crimes, even years down the line. Be safe. Protect your documents.


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Clean off your desk day

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