Console Edition: Getting to Know the Containers

Console Edition: Getting to Know the Containers – In our console series, we’ll walk you through what the equipment is and how most customers use it. Learn more in this console edition of getting to know the containers.

Paper shredding services remain critical in the defense against hackers and other malicious actors today. There is far too much at risk as information on the dark web is sold for a high price and used for identity theft and other financial losses. 

Shredding the paper that leaves your office is the only way to ensure that data remains private. 

With professional shredding services, you can guarantee that your business has met all compliance requirements for your industry and you’ll save time and money because you won’t have to think about where to put sensitive documents once you no longer need them.

If you haven’t already used paper shredding services, we want to help get you familiar with all of the ways we can help you keep your privacy intact. 

In our console series, we’ll walk you through what the equipment is, how most customers use it and why you should invest in a team who can provide you the tools, knowledge and expertise to stay compliant and focused on your business. 

Think of this wonderful tool as a secure bin where staff will dispose of their paper instead of keeping it piled up at their desks, stuffed in file cabinets, or worse – throwing the papers into the regular trash and leaving them vulnerable to theft. 

Check out our video to see the console for yourself! 

The 37 ” Jake Connor & Crew console featured in the video is a smaller size Formica cabinet style that is locked and has a small opening to slide paper into. It’s a popular choice especially in the office environment because its neutral color tone is aesthetically pleasing and because it blends in well with most office decor. The design also allows for something to be placed on top of it such as a coffee pot or printer – to further expand its use and purpose. 

Whether your office produces lots of paper waste and requires frequent pick-ups or you barely have paper waste to shred, we can set-up a convenient schedule that works for you.  

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Console Edition: Getting to Know the Containers

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