Does Your Old Copy Machine Hold Confidential Company Information?

Your office copier does more than just produce facsimiles, and tossing it in the dumpster can lead to a host of security issues.

Wondering what to do with your old copier once it finally kicks it?  Are you shopping for a newer model to replace the old dinosaur in your office?  Don’t think the dumpster is your safest bet when it comes to getting rid of your old machine.  Not only do these machines contain materials that can pollute the earth, they could easily contain data that can compromise the safety of your business and your employees if they find their way to a public dump.  There are better and safer ways to dispose of an old copy machine when it has gone past its prime.

First, Let’s Talk About Waste

Electronic waste, or e-waste, is the fastest growing segment of the U.S. waste stream.  Less than 10 percent of electronics such as printers and copiers are recycled, meaning the remaining 90 percent end up in incinerators or landfills where their harmful toxins are released into the atmosphere.  This is just as much an environmental problem as it is a safety one.  Rather than let these chemicals enter our communities, consider alternatives to getting rid of your legacy copy machine.

Copy Machines Are More Than a One-trick Pony

We’ve come a long way in photocopy technology.  Instead of just scanning a paper and spitting out a carbon copy, these machines go above and beyond producing facsimiles.  Nowadays, offices use multi-function devices, which print, scan, copy, and fax, enabling users to connect directly to the applications they use every day via one touch scanning.  Nearly every digital copier built since 2002 contains a hard drive, and that means it has the ability to store images of every document scanned, copied, or emailed by the machine.  Your copier is now more than just a copier: it’s a computer, and it is susceptible to data breaches like any other hard drive.

Why Copy Machine Destruction Matters

A doctor’s office might use their copiers for patient medical records that include medical history, diagnosis, and treatment information, in addition to employment, insurance benefits, and other personal information.  Basically, all information stored on that copier is now considered confidential. Federal and state laws require health care facilities, financial institutions, as well as education and government agencies to provide proof that proper methods were used for copy machine data destruction.

Legal Shred can help you safely and securely dispose of your cold copy machine that is not only environmentally friendly, but also compliant with data destruction laws. 

Ready to make room for your new office equipment? Legal Shred will come to your place of business and handle copy machine destruction for you.

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