Legal Shred COVID 19 -- at your service through COVID 19

First and foremost, we hope you, your colleagues and families are well. As an essential service (security and recycling) we are grateful to be able to keep moving forward following the CDC and WHO protocols.

We understand these are extraordinary times - a time for us to step it up and work together closely to do everything we can to maintain health and safety, as well as our secure destruction and identity theft protection services. We are also a major supplier for the recycled paper market.

We appreciate your help replenishing the paper mills to manufacture more paper goods.

Enhanced Sanitation & Social Distancing Measures

We have implemented explicit policies, instructions, and training to minimize interaction among our clients, employees and others.

All Legal Shred employees adhere to the following standards:

•       Not reporting for work should they or someone in their household feel any symptoms, including but not limited to fever, difficulty breathing, headaches, or muscle aches.
•       Declaring their fitness for duty each day upon arrival at work, which is also subject to supervisor evaluation.
•       Frequent sanitizing of hands and, where possible, wearing sanitized gloves and face masks.
•       Washing of any, and all equipment that is used to service clients.
•       Maintaining a safe distance between clients’ employees and eliminating or minimizing the need to exchange paperwork or writing instruments during service.
•       If refused entry due to a client policy or concern, we will respect that request.
•       Maintaining all existing policies related to data security, including authorized access to records and media already transferred to employees’ custody.

On the positive side--our service can be largely conducted with 6 feet of social distance and in some cases completely eliminating social interaction.

While we are still full service, some of our clients are choosing to bring their containers to the door or out to the parking lot to facilitate social distance.

For purge clients who have records clearly marked, we just need clients to open the door to provide access to the records and then lock up after we have completed the shredding service.  A credit card provided prior to the service facilitates payment.

We also understand that there are an unprecedented number of our customers now working from home. To support these clients, we are offering an additional service - a prepaid shred bag that can be delivered to remote workers via regular mail. Those workers can simply fill the bag with their confidential paper items for destruction, and call our office for service once it is full.

We continue our commitment to data security and look forward to hearing from you as to how we can be of service.


Judith H. Papo, Owner/President
Legal Shred
(845) 705-7279