Data Privacy Week Starts January 24th!

Data Privacy Week is next week! We’re sharing our top tips for keeping your online information as safe and protected as possible in 2022.

Monday, January 24 begins an important week we like to highlight here at Legal Shred known as “Data Privacy Week.” Not just because it’s a critical topic for all to understand but because it’s also a topic we work closely with every day with the services we offer. 

Data privacy is so important today as scammers and thieves continue to infiltrate computer systems and find new clever ways to steal personal and financial information. Simply relying on old, outdated security software or the steps another may be taking to protect you is simply not enough. In light of this week dedicated to promoting international efforts for digital data privacy, we’re sharing our top tips for keeping your online information as safe and protected as possible in 2022. 

  • Choose Strong Passwords & Two-Factor Authentication

If you haven’t updated your security steps when it comes to protecting all of your online accounts it’s time to do more than just changing passwords when you forget them or you’re prompted to. It’s important to change passwords regularly and to choose strong combinations that are hard to guess. Basic best practices include switching it up between upper and lower case letters and using symbols and numbers. If you have a hard time remembering there are many verified password management systems out there that can help store and create difficult passwords for sites you visit. 

In addition to strong passwords, many businesses are now requiring and suggesting the use of Two-Factor Authentication as an extra layer of security. Most social media apps and banking services will use this method to send a user a text message or other alert on their registered devices to verify it’s actually you.

  • Never Use Unsecured Wi-Fi Networks

One thing many people don’t consider is that free isn’t always a good thing. Especially when it comes to WiFi. Free public WiFi might seem like a great option when you need a connection while you’re out and about but most of these hotspots do not use any encryption or security measures to protect data being sent over the connection. This can lead to so many issues for users. Including theft of your personal info, passwords and financial details as well as cyber attacks – and more.

  • Use Secure Sites for Payments

Online shopping and payments are trending upwards at a higher rate than ever before amidst a pandemic and technological innovations. It’s far easier and quicker to use these tools but it can also lead to dangerous situations for your data privacy if you’re not careful. As you shop online and interact with business you should always be sure you’re using a site that is encrypted, verified and has a quality rating. 


Data Privacy Week

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