Educational Document Services: Summer Break is the Perfect Time for a Document Purge

Educational Document Services: Summer Break is the Perfect Time for a Document Purge! – Here are a few things to do to get started and get better about document management and destruction for the next school year!

The summer season is fast approaching. Here on the East Coast, that means the kids are home from school, sunny days are being spent by the pool and – vacation time! As we make our way into this season, there is also important work to be done when it comes to protecting your privacy. If you’re cleaning out your dorm, your classroom or taking time to finally clean up your office space, the rules remain the same – protecting your private information requires professional shredding services.

For school systems across the nation, summer vacations are also a time to clean, organize and plan for the new upcoming school year. While you’re getting ready for all of this, we’re offering a few tips to get this task done over summer break so you can feel great about your newly organized, secure and fresh workspace for the upcoming year. 

Here are a few things to do to get started and get better about document management and destruction. 

Understand Compliance Requirements 

Before you can begin disposing of your documents properly, you need to understand the rules and laws that govern these materials. In the education sector, protecting private data and student information is essential. In order to safely dispose of paperwork you no longer need, you’ll need to work with a professional shredding services company like Legal Shred. We understand all local and state laws like FACTA and will handle your documents and materials for disposal in full compliance. We’ll also provide you with a certificate of destruction so you can know for sure that your waste was completely destroyed and have the necessary audit trail to prove it. 

Specific laws designed to protect students and their identities are in place for the education sector like FERPA – the Family Educational Rights and Privacy law – that applies to all schools and has strict rules for information shredding of documents that include data about health records of immunizations, student transcripts, course history, financial data, disciplinary files and any other personal data.

Clean, Purge and Toss 

When you get started with purging your documents and cleaning clutter you’ll have to sort carefully. Anything that contains the above-mentioned data should be set aside for shredding. You should also at this time get organized and make a separate pile for those documents you still need to keep but will have to file away. Separating everything makes it easier to process and when you’re done you’ll have enough to call for a shredding pick up or drop off at a local nearby Legal Shred facility. 

Go Paperless

After you’ve sorted, cleaned and cleared all of your old documents, it’s the perfect time to adopt a better document management program. One that alleviates some of the physical paperwork where possible and makes keeping data secure more efficient. With these services you’ll simply scan student records and other important educational documents into a paperless management system. After doing so you the original documents should be set aside for a shredding service. While not everything can go digital, it will cut down on waste, improve security of the data and leave time to focus on other important tasks. 

Legal Shred’s educational document services offer schools a way to destroy old student records and supporting data. Contact Legal Shred today to discuss our one-time and routine school record shredding services.


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