Shredding Equipment 101: Mobile Shredding Trucks

When it comes to shredding, mobile shredding trucks are the best for the job. Here’s how they work.

Shredding personal and business documents serves a double purpose: to recycle paper as well as protect sensitive information against identity theft, the fastest growing crime in the nation. Regular shredding can mitigate the risk of identity theft, but office shredders or in-house shredders are not always the best way to destroy documents. These small machines usually shred papers in long strips and dispense of them into an attached receptacle.

When it comes to shredding, mobile shredding trucks are the best for the job. Here’s why.

  • Mobile shredding trucks can destroy up to 8,000 lb. of paper an hour and have the ability to store 5,000 to 20,000 lbs. of shredded paper. They are equipped to destroy media as well, including CDs, DVDs, hard drives, and product overruns.
  • Mobile shredding trucks can shred thousands of pounds of paper an hour and quickly complete even very large jobs.
  • The wheeled cart, which contains documents to be destroyed,  is securely fastened to the chute of the shredding truck and automatically lifted inside to shred any and all material into tiny pieces. These are mixed with other shredded paper that cannot be reconstructed.
  • Unlike a feeder on a small in-office shredder, mobile shredding trucks have a large opening that can take much more paper at a time; these trucks are designed to grab larger materials that can pull most items through, and that includes stacks of paper with staples, clips, and more.

Mobile Shredding Services: Keeping Communities Safe

Standard office and home shredders do not offer the peace of mind that comes with knowing your documents are rendered useless with a professional document destruction company. After the paper shredding is complete, you will be issued a Certificate of Destruction – documented proof that your information has been destroyed in a manner that is 100% secure. You can rest assured that your confidential information is being handled in the most professional and secure way.

When you consider the time and expenses associated with shredding in-house, it’s definitely in your best interest to outsource your paper shredding needs.

For less than the price of buying a personal paper shredder, you can have Legal Shred’s mobile shredding service come to you, saving both time and money.

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Mobile Shredding Trucks


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