Gina Lentine Chairs i-SIGMA’s reorganized Membership Committee.

Gina Lentine Chairs i-SIGMA’s reorganized Membership Committee – We have exciting news to share in the information management and secure data destruction industry this month as our very own Gina Lentine was recently elected the new i-SIGMA President-Elect. 

This appointment marks another significant milestone. The President-Elect, Lentine, now chairs the Membership Committee of i-SIGMA.

i-SIGMA is a professional association for the secure information management sector, and it plays a crucial role in promoting best practices and ethical standards within the industry.  It prioritizes secure data destruction, protecting information, and promoting compliance. The organization also focuses on proper records and information management, ensuring security and governance through qualified service providers.

The newly reorganized membership committee recommends membership policy and approves new members by validating applicants to meet the association’s membership qualifications.

Other responsibilities of the committee include welcoming and integrating new members, advocating for certification, and recommending new services to meet these needs. 

Members include representatives from different sectors such as data destruction, IT asset disposition (ITAD), and records and information management (RIM) and are appointed based on specific sector representation to ensure diverse expertise and balanced engagement within the committee’s framework.

Gina Lentine’s extensive background in secure data destruction and information governance are a perfect fit for her role as Chair of this committe and will bring a fresh perspective and dynamic leadership to it.

With cyber threats and data breaches becoming increasingly sophisticated, having a dedicated and knowledgeable leader at the helm is more important than ever. We are very proud of Gina’s hard work and appointment as i-SIGMA President-Elect and know her work will help to drive the industry forward, ensuring that businesses and individuals alike can trust in the secure handling of their sensitive information. 


Gina Lentine Chairs i-SIGMA’s reorganized Membership Committee

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