Great Neck Paper Shredding Services

Great Neck Paper Shredding Services – Protecting our security and peace of mind is a no-brainer today. Especially for businesses and families that must keep others’ data safe too. Nothing’s more frightful than being told you’re data leaked as part of a phishing attack or other hack. What criminals can do with a combination of just the right data could do years of damage. It’s for this reason that services to help us protect every place where that data could exist are important. 


Paper shredding is a great way to destroy and protect information contained in files, on receipts, invoices and even just scribbled on some scrap paper. The problem is that scammers are getting clever and piecing together information to perpetrate their attacks. No one is safe. 


In order to secure your peace of mind, Legal Shred provides same or next day services for businesses and homeowners located in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. 


Protect Your Businesses with Shredding in Great Neck


If you reside in Great Neck, this is a service you need to have. From professional document shredding for absolute protection of your confidential information to hard drive destruction to eliminate records you no longer need as well as electronics recycling and more. We make it easy for homeowners and businesses to get rid of data safely and securely. 


Just so you know everything has been totally shredded and disposed of, we’ll even let you watch. Our shredding trucks show up to your business location with curbside service and we don’t leave until it’s all been obliterated. 


Residential Shredding Service Available in Great Neck


The Village of Great Neck is one of nine villages and part of the Town of North Hempstead in Nassau County, NY. It’s an area rich in history and is often referred to as, “the old village.” If you live in this beautiful community or operate a business, it is your responsibility to protect your information and that for your clients and customers. We are here to be your ally and help you make this happen. 


Businesses can rely on our services because we are also HIPAA Compliant, Gramm, Leach-Bliley Compliant and Liability Insured. Homeowners get access to our nearby shredding facility so you can drop off your paper waste – even if you only produce a small amount. 


We don’t just protect you – we also take care of the environment. We know how much waste can impact our earth so have made it standard practice to recycle all the document destruction waste that we shred. 


Shredding & Destruction Services Offered in Great Neck



The time has come to get serious about security. Stop tossing sensitive documents into the trash can and sign-up for paper shredding services in Great Neck from Legal Shred today! 



Great Neck Paper Shredding Services

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