Halloween Scams Are Absolutely Frightening! 

Halloween Scams Are Absolutely Frightening! – Spooky, scary, frightening. Here are 3 popular scams to keep an eye out for this Halloween season. 


Halloween might be a fun season to enjoy some spooky screams, but we’ve got a few frightening things you won’t want to encounter. Dressing up in your favorite costume and collecting treats are some of the best things about this popular holiday, but did you know that it’s also prime time for scammers? It’s true, many are looking for the opportune time to prey on their victims and what better time than a season when fun and scary are already expected. 


Here are 3 popular scams to keep an eye out for this Halloween season. 


Fake, Fraudulent, Frightening Offers

One of the most popular scams circulating this time of year are bogus special offers and deals. Whether you’re purchasing a costume on a seemingly legit website or ordering tickets to a fall fest event in town, be sure you’re only entering your payment card info. On legit websites and that the offer you clicked on isn’t in fact just a scam. Many Halloween themed websites will pop up this time of year looking for victims desperate to get a great deal on items they need in a crunch – but beware, oftentimes these sites are set up by scammers and you’ll not only never get your items – they’ve also now gained your personal data and financial info.


Ghostly, Ghoulish Identity Scams

Halloween might be the time when seeing ghosts is okay, but know that your deceased loved one could also become a victim of an identity theft scam. This is one of the most common hacks seen because a person has already passed, fraudsters think they can use their personal information to conduct theft. This leaves families to clean up the mess and to figure out how the attack happened in the first place. Keep everything secure and be sure to cancel bank accounts and protect online information for family members after they pass away.


A Deep, Tangled, Dark Web

The internet underworld known as the dark web is the place where scammers, fraudsters and criminals lurk. This is the place where they share, sell and provide the details of their innocent victims so they can begin their scams and attacks. Understanding what this place is and how it works is a critical step to protecting yourself. The best way to catch thieves in their tracks is to pay attention to your personal accounts, your bank statements and quickly report anything that looks suspicious. 


This post isn’t meant to make you cringe, but during these already scary times, you can’t afford to let your guard down. Take extra precaution and protect yourself from these scary Halloween scams.


In addition to keeping a watchful eye on your accounts and shopping only with trusted retailers, at the end of the season, you should also shred any and all sensitive information to keep your identity where it belongs – with you!



Halloween Scams Are Absolutely Frightening! 

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