Health Unit Coordinators Day in August

Health Unit Coordinators Day in August – We work with some of the most terrific Health Unit Coordinators for healthcare facilities across the state of New York.

Healthcare services are critically important today amidst a global pandemic and as an aging population grapples with illness and disease. Anytime you visit a hospital or in-person care facility, before a doctor will see you, there is a team of patient coordinators that ensure you and the physicians have all the appropriate paperwork and information needed for quality care. 

These staff members are called Health Unit Coordinators and do some of the most important heavy lifting behind the scenes for medical care. They coordinate things like communications, order supplies, and manage orders from doctors and so much more.

All Health Unit Coordinators Day is August 23. 

In honor of Health Unit Coordinators everywhere, we’re taking the time to dedicate this post in appreciation for all the time, effort and work they put into their daily functions to ensure we all have access to the care we need today – and in the future. 

Dating as far back as World War II, these important staff members on a healthcare team have been helping during nurse shortages, can do everything from answering phones to really being the doctor’s backbone so he can work efficiently and provide adequate care for patients. 

Some may consider these members of the team to be glorified secretaries or just a health clerk, but it’s important to spotlight all that’s involved in their role and how important it is for daily operations. 

We work with some of the most terrific Health Unit Coordinators for healthcare facilities across the state of New York and truly appreciate their hard work and dedication to their practice and the safety of the public. 

In addition to providing high levels of support and coordination, they’re also typically trained to be compassionate and caring for patients’ needs. This attribute stands out for the many of us who have had hospital visits and health visits at facilities before. A well-run and oiled machine not only runs well it also leaves a great impression with patients as they’re undergoing care. 

Perhaps one of the important functions that Health Unit Coordinators play in their daily tasks and that we have the pleasure of assisting with is ensuring that all paperwork is properly filed, stored, recorded and then disposed of in compliance to HIPAA regulations. 

We cannot forget how important in this line of work having a professional partner to get your sensitive information disposed of can be. This goes too for the handling of medical waste and ordering of supplies which typically falls into their duties. Our team over at MedXwaste provide secure, convenient medical waste services to keep their teams compliant and efficient. 


Health Unit Coordinators

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