Herricks Paper Shredding Services

Herricks Paper Shredding Services – In today’s increasingly criminal security landscape, where hackers and identity theft are on the rise, proactive protections are the best way to keep your sensitive information out of the hands and eyes of criminals. 


At Legal Shred, we pride ourselves on bringing offices large and small as well as homeowners in Nassau County, the peace of mind and security they need. 


If you want to know for sure that your documents and all the data contained within them have been properly destroyed, then professional paper shredding services are a must. 


Protect the Waste that Leaves Your Herricks Office Location 


At Legal Shred, we offer simple and safe solutions from paper destruction, disposal of hard drives, proofs, X Rays and other materials.  


No business – large or small – is safe from criminals trying to gain access to your information.  Taking steps to stop them from gaining access is key. Stop running that risk for your business and your customers and sign up for regular paper shredding services from Legal Shred. 


Residential Shredding Service Available in Herricks


Most people don’t think about security breaches as being that important for residential properties, but the truth is they are also targets because the assumption is there will be less protections in place and careless tossing of information at these properties. With that in mind, it’s not out of the question that a scammer would dive through trash bags and refuse to find this data. You simply cannot throw papers like bank statements, invoices and or even insurance documents into the trash. Your old computer hard drives also have troves of information on them – they need to be shredded with confidence.


Even if you don’t produce a lot of waste, we also offer convenient drop off locations near Herricks that make it easy to still dispose of this paper responsibly. We also take environmental responsibilities seriously and recycle the end product of all our shredding to reduce the number of trees being cut down. 


Shredding & Destruction Services Offered in Herricks 



Get a no-obligation quote for all paper shredding and document destruction services and protect your Herricks home or business. 



Herricks Paper Shredding Services

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