Jacquin to speak at business luncheon on identity theft & Facta Laws

Jacquin to speak at business luncheon on identity theft & Facta Laws

By Daniel Klote
9/22/2006 – Jacquin to speak at business luncheon on identity theft
By Daniel Klote
Democrat Staff

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America, affecting thousands of people each year.

Paper shredding machines have become a common household appliance these days, as people do what they can to protect their identities from being hijacked. Individuals are not the only victims of identity theft, though. Businesses are also vulnerable.

The California Chamber of Commerce is hosting a business luncheon on Friday, Sept. 22, to highlight what businesses can do about identity theft. The guest speaker will be Dan Jacquin, Regional Vice President, with Pre-Paid Legal Services in Missouri.

“This seminar is a way for businesses to protect themselves,” said Jacquin regarding the business luncheon. The Federal Trade Commission has set new guidelines for company’s liability for identity theft. Failure to comply with these laws can cost businesses millions of dollars and be financially devastating.

“One of the misconceptions about identity theft, is it is just financial,” continued Jacquin. “That accounts for 28 percent. The other major areas are driver licenses, social security, medical and character/criminal identity theft.” Customers and employees can be affected by identity theft. The business luncheon will help business owners protect both from the devastating crime.

Businesses will also have the opportunity to learn about the new FACTA laws. “The way the new laws are written, identity theft affects all businesses,” said Jacquin. “The FACTA law report includes 450 pages and the summary alone is 181 pages. We’re going to condense this down to highlight what they need to do within a half hour. Unless they have time to read 450 pages, this seminar is definitely worth their time.”

The business luncheon will be held Friday, Sept. 22, at 12 p.m., at the City of California Meeting Room. RSVP Aaron Sabertinelli at 573-796-4958, or email him at arnsbt@earthlink.net. There is limited seating, so RSVP early to attend.

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