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We’ve been covering a lot of topics here on the blog related to paper shredding and the safe disposal of personal documents. It’s important for both businesses and the general public to have a strong defense against a growing pool of fraudsters and scammers looking to use your private data for security breaches. Now’s a better time than ever to take control of the clutter on your desk, the endless rows of file cabinets and safely dispose of anything that’s no longer needed. We offer professional Jefferson Valley paper shredding services, and guarantee your waste has been responsibly handled.

The Legal Shred Difference

At Legal Shred, we make it our top priority to ensure that all your sensitive information is destroyed for good. That means once it leaves your hands, criminals or fraudsters will never have a chance to access it because we make sure it’s shredded and rendered useless.

Today’s thieves are more conniving than ever before. They have elaborate schemes to trick the gullible and even those who are on alert. They usually piece together the tiniest bits of information and perpetrate the breach.

That means everyone must be not only vigilant about where your data is stored, placed, and used but also how it is destroyed.

Our services include curbside pickup at your Jefferson Valley location. While there, we will perform the shredding of all your papers, hard drives and other materials containing private information right on site, before we even leave the premises.

Boost Your Security & Peace of Mind

Jefferson Valley is located in Westchester, NY town of Yorktown and a well-known residential area as well as a shopping center for nearby towns. With so many businesses, commuters and residents concentrated in the area, it is especially critical to consider security at all times.

Jefferson Valley Paper Shredding & Destruction Services:

  • Document Shredding
  • Hard Drive Destruction
  • Electronics Recycling
  • Secure X-Ray Destruction
  • Medical Waste Disposal

If you’re in need of paper shredding and document destruction services in Jefferson Valley give us a call today!


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