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Lake Success Paper Shredding Services – Statistics show that the rate at which identity theft is happening will only increase with time. Despite the many efforts we’ve made as a society to create stronger systems and solutions to combat theft, hackers are still outsmarting those safeguards and stealing data they need to perpetrate attacks. 

At Legal Shred, we offer document destruction and shredding services to securely remove and destroy sensitive data to protect what matters to you most. 

Our services are offered for both residents and business owners in Lake Success, New York.

This level of paper shredding is unlike ripping papers by hand or using some tabletop shredder. We ensure all private data has been destroyed before it can ever make it into your hands or that of potential fraudsters. 

Protect Your Lake Success Office’s Paper Waste

For businesses large and small that are handling massive amounts of customer information it is absolutely critical to pay attention to what happens with that data. In fact, in many industries it’s even the law that sensitive documents are cleared away and destroyed in a timely manner. 

Even as a small village in Nassau County, Lake Success has every need to be protected. Both businesses and residents in the area require a trusted partner who can inform them on the proper steps to protect their information and who can take it off their hands and destroy it. 

We help with everything from the clearly labeled bins with secure locks to the final proof that your documents have been destroyed. 

Taking these steps avoids the stress of trying to restore your identity and credibility if a breach should occur. 

Residential Shredding & Destruction Services in Lake Success

Even with businesses as a top target, security breaches can also happen right out of a home’s trash can believe it or not. Scammers have gone as far as sifting through home trash cans to find financial data and passwords. If you have paperwork lying around at home with private or personal data on it, the only way to know you are safe from this is to use a professional shredding and destruction service provider to get the job done. We offer curbside pick-up in Lake Success or you can drop off your paper for shredding at our nearby facility. 

Shredding services offered in Lake Success, New York: 


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Lake Success Paper Shredding Service

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