Lee County nurse accused of ID theft, fraud

Lee County nurse accused of ID theft, fraud

LEE COUNTY, Fla.- A local nurse is accused of opening fraudulent credit accounts in the names of at least eight of her patients.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office says Lynn Schlosser was arrested after they received a complaint about identity theft and credit card fraud in January. She was working as a registered nurse providing home health care to patients.

Investigators obtained her client list and discovered she’d opened accounts in the names of eight patients, ranging in age from 65 to 92.

Authorities say evidence found on her home computer links her to the crimes. Detectives say Schlosser used stolen credit cards to buy iPads, DVDs and spent more than $1,400 to buy tires, brakes and a battery.

When Geraldine Robbins got a call from Firestone tires telling her that she was behind on her payment for the new tires she’d had installed on her car, she knew something was wrong.

Robbins says she didn’t have Firestone tires on her car, and she knew it wasn’t her husband, Frank.

“When I called and talked to the sheriff, he said ‘how old are you?’ I said 81. He said ‘my god, you’re right on the ball, you did the right things.’ I says, yeah, you’re not kidding. You know, sometimes they see grey hair and 81 and they think that it’s easy to fool, but they didn’t fool me. Believe me, I check everything,” said Robbins.

Schlosser was Robbins’s nurse. She says her triple checking paid off now that Schlosser is behind bars.

Lynn Schlosser is the wife of Lee County Deputy Michael Schlosser. The sheriff’s office confirms he is on administrative leave pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

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