Legal Shred Monthly Blog Round-Up – December 2018

Here’s what you missed this month from the identity protection experts at Legal Shred.

As we moved into the holiday season this month, we focused on delivering tips to help keep you safe from scammers and hackers who ramp up their attempts during this time of year.

Increased online shopping is one way scammers are targeting people and grabbing hold of their personal information.

Check out our list of other identity fraud attempts that can happen online and how you can keep your guard up at all times.

While remaining vigilant before swiping your payment cards anywhere is critical, there are many other places where bad actors can be lurking. Hotel and travel industries also see a spike in criminal activity happening during the holidays.

Since most people are making last-minute travel arrangements or just trying to go somewhere warm and tropical, it opens up the door to lots of potential scamming. Find out the details here.

If keeping your identity safe is a major concern, there are additional protections you can put in place, like monitoring services set-up to keep constant watch and alert you anytime something seems ‘off.’

Of course, not all services are the same. If you’d like to brush up your knowledge on identity protection services and which you would benefit from most, check out our blog on the topic here.

Keeping yourself informed about all of the latest breach attempts and how to prevent them is a great place to start. With careful spending and a watchful eye, you can spend more time celebrating the holiday season and less time worrying over your security.


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