What You Should Know About License Plate Shredding

Check the laws in your state regarding the return process for old and unused plates. Here’s how shredding can help.

Shredding is an important topic that spans beyond just protecting your personal information and business data contained on paperwork and hard drives. Today, with security breaches on the rise and everyone pushing to protect their privacy, it’s critical to understand any and all possibilities that could leave the security of your family or business vulnerable.

Many municipalities and state agencies use shredding services to stay compliant with regulations. License plate shredding is one such topic that often comes up when someone is buying a new car or cleaning their basement. It’s also a topic of concern when facilities have acquired a large amount of plates and need to dispose of them.

What is done with an old license plate is important. Like other personal information, registration and tax payer data getting into the wrong hands could be used illegally. Like on a car that isn’t legally registered or insured and a host of other potential crimes.

Keep the public safe by turning old plates into your local DMV for recycling or hand them over to a responsible shredding company can ensure they can never be reused.

Be sure to check the laws in your state regarding the return process for old and unused plates.

If you’ve been in an accident or are replacing your plates for any damage and will be getting new ones with the same information, then it is critical that the damaged set of plates be sent to a shredder. There is private information about you and your vehicle contained on the plate and duplicates should never be in circulation.

At Legal Shred, we offer shredding services that are convenient, easy and cost efficient. Our large, high-power shredders are capable of shredding large, hard items like metal license plates to unrecognizable small pieces for disposal or recycling. If you want peace of mind, trust us with the license plates you need shredded.


License Plate Shredding

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