Locked Storage + Routine Service = Better Identity Protection

Locked Storage + Routine Service = Better Identity Protection

Identity theft cases across the U.S. are on the rise, which is why it’s important for businesses to take the proper precautions to protect and secure sensitive information. While many thieves scour the Internet for personal information, some still rely on old-fashioned methods, like mail theft and trash digging.

Document destruction remains an important tool in the fight against identity protection, but with criminals becoming even more sophisticated, how you store files prior to shredding is just as important as destroying the information itself.

Consider that sensitive information is everywhere: bills, bank statements, blank checks, credit card offers, and magazine subscriptions. HR departments store employee applications and personnel files, which are a goldmine to would-be thieves. While you may have routine document destruction in place, where are your old statements and files being stored, and how secure are they, really?

Don’t Just Use Old Trash Bins or Other Containers

While an old trash bin or storage box certainly serves the purpose of containing paper waste, it’s not a secure nor safe solution. Any person can easily access the receptacle and fish through paperwork to steal social security numbers, addresses, bank account numbers, and more. A trash bin should be used just for that – trash.

Locked, Secure Bins and Containers Are the Way to Go

You’ve done your due diligence by hiring a company like Legal Shred to routinely destroy your old, sensitive documents, but in between each service you should employ the use of locked, secure bins.

Legal Shred offers a variety of choices to store sensitive documents prior to destruction.

Our consoles have the look and feel of office furniture with the security of a dead bolt lock to keep wandering hands out of sensitive files. The console comes with a usable space on top, perfect for printers, fax machines, office supplies, and more. Paper is easily disposed of through a side slot, and when it’s time to destroy, the contents are removed and shredded in minutes. This is a great option for businesses who dispose of a moderate amount of waste, as the console holds up to 85lbs.

Legal Shred’s also has the perfect solution for busy mailrooms, warehouses, and other high-traffic areas. Our bins, which come in 96 or 64 gallons, come with a lock, of which only you and Legal Shred hold the key. These bins are recommended for spaces that do not have a space limit or constraint.

For smaller businesses, Legal Shred’s Shredinator is perfect for under-the-desk storage, and with a lock and key, files are kept safe and secure. The Shredinator comes in three different sizes: 16 gallons, 20 gallons, and 23 gallons, so depending on your volume, there is a size to fit every need.

Don’t skimp on document storage prior to destruction. Your identity, safety, and reputation depend on it.

Contact Legal Shred today to learn about all of our available locked storage options to keep you and your company secure.