Don’t Toss Those Election Day Mailers – Recycle Them!

Election Day is almost here!  You’re probably wondering exactly how many political fliers you’ve been delivered over the last few weeks, especially if you live in states with gubernatorial elections, as well as cities with mayoral elections.  For many smaller local elections, direct mail will be the only form of paid communication, since it’s a highly targeted and relatively inexpensive way to combine field strategy with a media plan.

While we live in a tech-heavy era, direct mail is still one of the most effective forms of advertising, and those running for senate, state, and local offices know this and rely on direct mail to push their campaigns.  With direct mail, candidates often choose lists of voters from their respective local or state elections board.  Then, the mail is sent out only to the households that match their voter demographic.  With over 500,000 elections held in the United States each year, it’s safe to say that direct mail is here for the long haul.  That means election season brings more volume than usual, so it’s time to consider what to do with all of these extra flyers once they’ve found their way to your mail pile.

Some people may be quick to toss them in the trash, but this isn’t a very green thing to do. Being supporters of recycling and identity protection, Legal Shred has a few ideas about what to do with all the political fliers.


Most municipalities offer paper recycling.  Instead of tossing those political mailers in the trash, place them in the recycling bin on trash day.


You can actually reuse the mailers in and around your house for other purposes.  Wrap breakable items you are packing away with used ripped up paper.  Crumple it up and use it to pack around fragile items.  Some people even go so far as to use the cardstock mailers for craft projects, or just use them as a way to protect surfaces for projects.  If you see a use for it, go for it.


Political mailers will have your name and address on it, so why not go ahead and add them to your shredding pile?  If you’re a private person who prefers to not have your political leanings advertised as public knowledge, or you’re just too busy to really deal with it, let Legal Shred pay you a visit and shred the paper along with your other sensitive documents, and we will even take care of the recycling, too.

Now is a good time to consider quarterly cleanup even at home, so add your political mailers to the pile and let us handle the rest.

Legal Shred works with businesses and consumers to keep offices and homes free of paper clutter, in addition to keeping identities safe and secure.

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