Product Destruction Series: Medical Device Shredding

At Legal Shred, we want all of our customers to understand the importance of shredding. Beyond just document destruction and the disposal of papers, we also provide equipment and device shredding. This varies from computer hard drives to other hard matter that must be rendered no longer usable. With medical device shredding services specifically, you can be sure that any of your old, expired or unusable medical devices are safely destroyed so they cannot be stolen, reused or cause any harm.

The FDA describes medical devices as any item that is used to treat, diagnose, overcome sickness or improve quality of life. Think simple, such as a tongue depressor, bedpan or saline bag, or much more sophisticated with devices like a pacemaker using a microchip or other connected medical device that is no longer in use.

In fact, many medical device manufacturers are under strict compliance requirements to shred and permanently destroy any outdated medical devices that are on the market as well as those that are defective, in surplus or have reached end of life. This destruction is required to be tracked and records must be kept to ensure compliance. 

With the shredding process, these materials are sent through heavy duty machinery with shredding blades that destroy all of the matter so that it becomes unrecognizable. The smaller, more compact matter that is left behind increases transportation efficiency and reduces costs as greater volumes of matter can be transported with each haul away.

If you’re looking to keep your business safe and want to make compliance adherence a top goal in 2020, contact Legal Shred today. We can assist you with the disposal of this matter in a way that’s streamlined and efficient.


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