The Legal Shred Monthly Blog Roundup – October 2018

Cybersecurity, virtual desktop safety, remote working, and all about Halloween…

Here’s what you missed this month from the identity protection experts at Legal Shred…

National Cybersecurity Month and How You Can Protect Yourself 

As amazing as the Internet is, it’s important to safeguard our personal information while we are online. What do our online habits mean for our identity?  What about shopping online? How does social media make us susceptible to identity theft and fraud? Engaging in safe online practices, in addition to protecting yourself online isn’t that difficult. We have the 411 on how to stay safe this October and all year long. Read more…

Your Virtual Desktop and Why You Should Keep It Clean

A common problem that develops over time with people who have been using their computers for a number of years is that their desktops often become littered with files, shortcuts, folders, and icons. A cluttered desktop not only looks messy, it can make it harder to find files and can even cause your computer to run slower. How can you make your computer safer and more efficient? Read about cleaning off your desktop and how it can give you peace of mind. 

Remote Work Policies (and Why Companies Need Them)

Working remotely is beneficial to both the employee and the employer. Statistics all say good things; research suggests that workers without workplace flexibility would be willing to make substantial trade-offs to have access to telecommuting and/or flex hour programs; they were more satisfied and productive in the workplace when they have flexibility and control. How can an employer keep tabs on their security if they’re logging into work files from a remote location? It’s all about safe connections and using the right software. Here’s how. 

Halloween: Protect Yourself From These Tricks 

Identity thieves are excited for the Halloween season, because their perfect costume is your identity. The sad truth is that some people are not wearing masks for fun and they are not going door to door in search of candy. In fact, these types of pranksters much prefer it if you are not home at all. They are looking for things that are far more valuable than candy. Here are some tips to keep yourself and your family safe this Halloween. 

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