National Dapper Your Data Day

National Dapper Your Data Day – Organizations should celebrate National Dapper Your Data Day by reviewing all of the data they have, cleaning it, and tossing what’s no longer needed. 


Today’s business landscape is crowded with innovation and ruled by increasing demands from customers and the marketplace. Data analytics is one of the huge technologies that’s emerging because of the endless possibilities of what can be done with all of the information we’re collecting. 


In a data-driven society, one where data gathering and analysis have become imperative for business owners, it’s easy to see just how important data is becoming. But ensuring the accuracy and completeness of your data has never been more important.


With data analysis, machines take random, seemingly complex, unusable data and turn it into digestible, actionable insights that businesses use to make positive impacts on their bottom line.

This is just one of the ways data is being leveraged. 


Most companies today are taking in a ton of data from customers, transactions, patients, marketing companies and future growth is expected to continue. 


Problems can arise however if the data is inaccurate. This is an ongoing problem and as the market grows, could lead to bigger issues.


National Dapper Your Data Day is a relatively new holiday celebrated every year on July 18. It was started in 2020 by a company called Dapper Data and represents the importance of checking the accuracy of your data to keep it all neat, organized and clean. 


Since most businesses today are already trying to keep up with demands and staffing issues, it can be easy to forget to review data and clean it – but setting aside a dedicated time for the task is essential. This day was created for just that. 


Organizations should celebrate National Dapper Your Data Day by reviewing all of the data they have, cleaning it, and tossing what’s no longer needed in accordance with applicable laws. Things like emails, photos, correspondences and proposals should be reviewed. 


One thing that should never fall by the wayside as you do this of course is keeping that information private and secure. 


At Legal Shred we care deeply about protecting your data and ensuring no one gets access to it once you’ve tossed it. If you’d like to learn more about our convenient pick-up schedules and other secure waste management offerings, give us a call today! 



National Dapper Your Data Day

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