National Safety Month

National Safety Month June is National Safety Month, we want to shed light on a few of the ways you can better protect yourself and your business from this type of safety issue.

Being safe at work is a top priority. Both for company owners and management and also to meet all OSHA guidelines. The first rule in a safe workplace is providing a place for employees to come to every day where they can work without fear of harm. This month is National Safety Month and the perfect time for us to review some of the major safety steps you should take at home and at work to keep yourself and others out of harm’s way.


Prevent Injury and Death

First, things first. Safety rules protect us from injury and death. Whether on the roadway, in our homes, or at work, it’s important that we always focus on what the safest and best way to achieve anything is. Not just taking safety seriously but constantly evaluating and improving processes to increase safety should also be a priority.

The National Safety Council offers a number of resources on its website for important emergency preparedness and wellness tips that are great to share for this month as we promote help for families and even coworkers to stay safe at home and at work.


Financial Safety & Security is Important Too


At Legal Shred, we like to also focus on the very important role that privacy and security play in overall safety as well. In addition to following guidelines and rules for physical protection, there can be a lot of harm and damage that comes from identity theft and other types of online hacking.

So for National Safety Month in June we want to shed light on a few of the ways you can better protect yourself and your business from this type of safety issue.


Keep Security Software Up to Date

One of the strongest defenses against breaches and hacks you can have is up-to-date security software. New patches and updates are put out constantly to combat new threats so it is critical that you are always updating and ensuring the latest security settings are being used.


Don’t Open Phishy Emails

Be sure at home and at work to not click links in emails even if they appear to be from a business or contact you know. Thieves have been known to use email address spoofing so that vulnerable victims will think it is coming from a legit source.


Only Work on Trusted Networks

With remote work becoming the norm today it is so important to ensure that your employees are only working on approved secure networks. It is far too easy for hackers to infiltrate open, public networks and steal information being sent over those connections.


National Safety Month

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