New York woman arrested in ID theft ring

New York woman arrested in ID theft ring

STAMFORD — A Bronx, N.Y., woman believed to be involved in a Florida identification theft ring was arrested by police and Secret Service agents outside the Bull’s Head United Parcel Service store Thursday afternoon, police said.

Tanya Goins, 40, of 920 Baychester Ave., was charged with trafficking in personal indentifying information, third-degree identity theft, possession of marijuana, two counts of third-degree forgery, and four counts of second-degree forgery. She was held on $100,000 bond.

Stamford Police Lt. Diedrich Hohn said the Secret Service and U.S. Postal Service notified police that a package containing forged licenses and counterfeit credit cards were being delivered to a post office box at the UPS store at 65 High Ridge Road.

Secret Service agents and police set up surveillance at the store and waited all day for someone to collect the package, Hohn said.

Just before 4 p.m. Goins went to the post office box and collected the package, Hohn said.

Inside it, police found four forged driver’s licenses and two counterfeit credit cards along with the personal information — Social Security cards, addresses and dates of birth — for 50 people, Hohn said. UInside Goins’ car was 19 grams of marijuana.

Hohn said he did not know if the personal identification information was for local people.

Police believe Goins was working for a ring based in Florida, he said.

When questioned about the driver’s licenses and other information, Goins was uncooperative with police and Secret Service agents, Hohn said.

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