North Merrick Paper Shredding Services

North Merrick Paper Shredding Services- At Legal Shred, it is our goal to offer identity protection help for all business and residential customers who use our services. We offer document destruction and shredding services that are easy and convenient to use and we ensure that all of your waste is handled following accordance with state and industry best practices. We care about protecting what matters to you most. 

With document destruction services we process all of your private and sensitive information through our giant shredder machines so they are rendered completely useless and inaccessible. This is how you can keep your private information safe and protect your financial health. 

Our services are offered for both residents and business owners in North Merrick, New York to protect you from potential fraudsters and other looming scam risks.  

Protect Your  North Merrick Office’s Paper Waste

Today’s businesses are a top target for cyber criminals. The data breaches perpetrate hundreds of thousands of potential damage to the victims in the form of financial loss and identity restoration that can take years to achieve. That’s why it’s so important that these sensitive documents are cleared away and destroyed in a timely manner. 

Think about it, any time you leave information hanging around at your North Merrick home or business you’re leaving it vulnerable to a breach. 

Residential Shredding & Destruction Services in  North Merrick

Instead of simply tossing papers, invoices, statements and other important documents into the regular trash when you no longer need it, we ensure businesses and homeowners have a reliable, fast, hassle-free, and efficient way to dispose of these confidential papers.

Historically thieves have been known to dig through trash in search of this data so the only way to know you are safe from theft is to use a professional shredding and destruction service provider to get the job done. 

We offer curbside pick-up in North Merrick or you can drop off your paper for shredding at our nearby facility – it’s that easy!

Shredding & Destruction Services Offered in North Merrick


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North Merrick Paper Shredding Services

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