Online Dating Scams: Beware this Valentine’s Day!

If you’re using dating sites in hopes you’ll have a Valentine for this year, beware of the following online dating scams.

The month of February is here and love is in the air. Before Cupid is out in full force pointing his arrow at suspected lovebirds, we wanted to take a moment to make you aware of the very serious risks that can come from online dating sites if you’re not careful.

Celebrating love and going out on a nice date or getting roses and chocolate are all great. But you should always keep your security and safety at the forefront. If you’re using online dating sites in hopes you’ll have a Valentine for this year, beware of the following scams.

Beware of Romantic Messages for Valentines Day

Criminals are always looking to prey on the vulnerable. If you’ve been waiting desperately for a match to come through, you might be blinded by emotions and be more likely to click on a link or give money to someone requesting a wire transfer.

Oftentimes criminals will exchange a few emails with the victim and start to profess their love to gain their trust so they are easier to scam. A common scenario involves someone who claims to be stationed out of the country or out-of-state and in need of some money to travel to see their new love interest.

These fake profiles can be easy to spot. If they sound like Prince Charming, be wary. Affluent, good-looking, trusting and full of amazing qualities could mean a fraudster is lurking behind the facade.

Buy Only From Trusted Retailers & Florists

If you’re on the giving end of Valentine’s treats this year and think to hop online to send out some candy and flowers to your Valentine, while it is convenient be sure to only shop from trusted and well-known sources.

It’s very common for scammers to set-up fake sites this time of year offering these goods as a means of stealing your credit card data. If the deal sounds too good to be true or it’s a site you’ve never heard of before with no online reviews, do your heart and wallet a favor and look away.

We love our customers and want you to be safe as you enjoy this Valentine’s Day. Protect your identity and private information with our expert document shredding services.


Online Dating Scams

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