Onsite Versus Off-site Shredding: What’s Your Plan?

Onsite Versus Off-site Shredding: What’s Your Plan?

With identity theft a growing concern for many businesses, shredding services are a must to keep confidential documents secure. All businesses have confidential data, whether it’s customer lists, price lists, sales statistics, drafts of bids and letters, and even memos. All of these items contain information about business activity, which would interest any competitor. Every business is also entrusted with information that must be kept private. Employees and customers have the legal right to have this data protected, and this is precisely why document destruction is a business imperative.

Document destruction isn’t as simple as relying on an in-house shredder and leaving the task up to any old staff member. When your employees do the shredding, you may expose sensitive personnel records and competitive information to individuals that are not meant to see it.

The only acceptable alternative is have the materials destroyed under the supervision of upper management, or by a carefully selected document destruction company like Legal Shred.

Certified document destruction companies are reliable. With their licensure and certification, you no longer have to concern yourself with identity or data theft. When hiring a document destruction company, you have the option to have your documents destroyed either onsite or off-site.

With onsite shredding, or mobile shredding, all of your old files and paperwork are transported after they have been destroyed on the truck at the site of your business. Because the paper is mixed in the truck, it is impossible for anyone to piece it together. This also mitigates the risk of transporting whole files prior to destruction. Nothing is ever left unattended and you are witness to the destruction of your files right then and there.

Mobile shredding also offers other benefits as well, including being able to add last-minute documents, and access to staff to answer your questions as the job is done. Mobile shredding also means fewer people handle your documents, as the paper is often carted out to the truck and destroyed by a single operator.

Off-site shredding has its benefits, too. Off-site shredding involves collecting and carting all documents to a cargo truck to be transported to a facility to be shredded. For some businesses with low-volume destruction needs, this may be a more cost-effective solution. At Legal Shred, we send our certified shredding experts to you to pick up your documents and safely and securely transport it back to our facilities to have it destroyed within minutes. We offer regular pickup schedules for our clients or can easily just pick-up on an “as-needed” basis, and can do any volume required. A certificate of destruction is issued that verifies that your documents were certified destroyed in compliance with all federal and local laws.

Onsite shredding is a viable option for businesses who require routine service. Routine shredding customers are provided secure, locked containers to store their sensitive documents until our team of document destruction specialists arrive. This is a really useful resource for companies which deal with large amounts of administrative documents on a daily basis.

If you need document destruction services but are unsure of what kind of plan matches your needs, contact Legal Shred today and speak with one of our experts to help you choose the service that fits your budget and volume.

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