Paper Shredding Keeps Schools Safe

Paper Shredding Keeps Schools Safe – In honor of National Teacher Day Tuesday, May 4, we’ve compiled a list of the reasons why paper shredding is a must for schools. 


Educators and the school systems available to us here in the U.S. play a vital role in the lives of our children and for the future generations to come. Each year the first Tuesday in the month of May is dedicated to showing appreciation for those educators who inspire and bring knowledge to students every day. 


We at Legal Shred take great pride in serving school systems across the East Coast with important document destruction services that keep them safe and compliant. 


Because these institutions have so many records of data from students and their families including financial information, medical conditions and grades – it’s so important that the handling and destruction of these records happen in compliance with all laws. 


In honor of National Teacher Day Tuesday, May 4, we’ve compiled a list of the reasons why paper shredding is a must for schools. 


Prevent Fraud & Security Breaches

A key defense in the safety of documents stored by the school is disposing of them in a timely fashion and shredding them to ensure the data is gone and can never be recovered. If you want to protect the children and families attending your institution then protecting their data on file should be a top focus. 


Uphold Your Institutions Reputation

There’s no telling when or how a hacker or scam can infiltrate a system. In order to maintain your school’s reputation as being a safe and quality place to get an education you must partner with a shredding services provider. Together we’ll work with you to keep your data management and destruction handled and recorded for future audits.


Cost Savings

Perhaps one of the most important reasons to get started with a paper shredding service today is the cost savings compared to having to rebuild and pay legal fees if an identity breach should ever occur. Not only will a young child be subject to credit monitoring needs for many years to come but there are legal implications too.


Legal Shred can help any school to get protected and complaint. We’ll destroy old student records and supporting data. We have services catered to every budget that meet and exceed school expectations. Contact Legal Shred today to discuss our one-time and routine school record shredding services.



Paper Shredding Keeps Schools Safe

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