Personal info found in recycling bin

Personal info found in recycling bin

A woman’s hunt for coupons in a local dumpster turns up thousands of sensitive documents, exposing the personal information of hundreds of people.

Confidential material a thief could use to steal your identity sitting at the bottom of a dumpster.

Lynda contacted ABC15 after first finding the private medical forms, then several days later we joined her for another dumpster dive.

We found even more piles of private paperwork in the same recycling bin.

We reunited a registered nurse with her discarded medical information.

She asked us to protect her identity after finding out her driver’s license and social security number were trashed.

At least one victim told me she plans on taking <a href=””>legal action</a> against the Gila County’s Division of Health and Emergency Services after what our story uncovered.

So, we want to know…what are your expectations for a government official to keep your personal information private?

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