Plandome Heights Paper Shredding Services

Plandome Heights Paper Shredding Services – It seems like just about everywhere you turn today there is news about a new security breach. We talk constantly about how important it is right no to maintain strict security measures. For both businesses and consumers, the threat of fraud and identity theft continues to rise.


When you partner with Legal Shred, you don’t have to worry about chancing that the private data you toss will be stolen. 


We offer a simple, safe, and stress-free way to confidently dispose of documents and hard drives that may contain any kind of personal and sensitive information hackers could use to perform a breach with. 


Protect the Waste that Leaves Your Plandome Heights Office or Home 


The village of Plandome Heights in Nassau County, may have a smaller population than other city around the NY area but its  just as critical to protect your data.


Our professional paper shredding services come curbside to your Plandome Heights business location and perform the full shredding process onsite, before leaving your view. 


Don’t be fooled into thinking your office isn’t going to be the target of fraudsters. Whether you’re a start-up or enterprise, these criminals have historically gone to sophisticated and even obvious lengths to steal data they want.


Don’t put your customers, clients, employees, and your business on the line. 


We remain transparent and ensure your critical data is destroyed both permanently and responsibly. 


Residential Shredding Service Available in Plandome Heights


Homeowners, who may not always be thinking in the mind frame of protecting big business trade secrets and customer data, may fail to realize that home refuse is just as much a target. Things like social security numbers, financial data and other personal info is just what they need to pertetrate their attacks.


If you want to protect yourself and your family from identity theft, you must take shredding and destruction of private materials seriously. We provide residential shredding services for Plandome Heights homeowners. No job is too big or small as our shredding trucks can handle anywhere from 1 or 100 boxes. You can also drop shredding off at a nearby facility.


Shredding & Destruction Services Offered in Plandome Heights 



Get a free, no-obligation quote on paper shredding and document destruction services for your Plandome Heights home or office today! 



Plandome Heights Paper Shredding Services

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