Police documents found at Fresno chop shop

Police documents found at Fresno chop shop

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) — It’s certainly not your “average” find. Fresno Police are worried about the confidential documents they discovered in the wrong hands.

Those documents are considered “law enforcement sensitive.” Detectives are trying to figure out how and why they were found at a chop shop in Southwest Fresno.

Fresno Police Sgt. Tim Tietjen tells Action News, “There could be a simple answer but the fact they had them was concerning to us.”

The Career Criminal Auto Theft Team was investigating a chop shop off Weller and Edgar that was run by gang members with extensive and violent criminal histories.

Tietjen said, “It was very sophisticated in nature, they were going about it in a sophisticated fashion and it’d been there for quite a while.”

Police had gotten a tip about the home because cars were going in and never coming back out. Inside, they found a marijuana grow, and deep in a cabinet, something perhaps more concerning than the chop shop itself. “We found inside a cabinet- some confidential police documents that these individuals had from numerous other agencies.”

The documents are so sensitive, we can’t show them to you, and we can’t tell you what they contain. They’re hidden inside this thick file and are now part of an investigation that will span well past that initial chop shop.

Police are now working backwards to figure out where they came from and how they ended up inside that Southwest Fresno home. “It could be as simple as they were stolen from someone related to law enforcement or from a burglary, or a vehicle burglary.”

Right now, the two men who were inside the home are accused of owning and operating a chop shop, but depending on where those mysterious documents came from, and how they ended up at the home, those two suspects may have a lot more questions to answer.

Action News will continue to follow the investigation.

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