Post-storm Cleanup Reminders for Safety and Security from Legal Shred

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, we are reminded of the power of community.  What we’ve seen is devastating; rising flood waters have obliterated so many of communities, particularly in the Florida Keys and the Caribbean.  Disaster preparedness is a topic that may make some uncomfortable, but it is completely necessary, particularly for areas that are affected most by hurricane season.

Legal Shred is here to help those weather the aftermath of these storms.


After a hurricane, listen to local media for updates on cleanup efforts.  Often times, post-storm cleanup crews will proceed from street to street, with emergency access roadways to be cleared first.

Once the storm subsides, hiring a professional service can help for a thorough cleanup, because they will know how to deal with water damage that is otherwise not visible.

With a heavy storm comes heavy rains, and inevitably flooding.  If water comes into your home, seek a safe route out.  Recover only what you can, but be careful of live wires and any other electrical work.  Remember, safety is your priority!


Unfortunately, scams, particularly from thieves posing as relief workers or utility companies are rampant after a storm has hit.  Avoid being scammed during hurricane recovery operations.  Always ask to see identification.  Legitimate service providers will not ask for personal information such as social security numbers, bank information, or any other identifying information.

If sensitive paperwork and documentation has been damaged by floods, do not toss it out on the curb for regular trash pick up.  You may think your paperwork is ruined by water, but there still could be visible identifying information, which is perfect for identity thieves.

Legal Shred has special equipment to help you destroy waterlogged documents safely and securely as you recover from storm clean up.  Be sure to gather these documents and keep them in a safe and secure location until it is time to shred.

Many documents can be replicated and replaced by issuing governments and facilities.  Your health and safety matter the most!

Here at Legal Shred, we care about our communities and their health and safety.  Let us help ease the burden by keeping your identity safe. Call Legal Shred today for guidance and assistance on disaster cleanup.

A note from all of us here at Legal Shred:

With our home base being in the state of Florida, we must extend a huge thank you to our dedicated staff at who have worked tirelessly at the office with limited resources after Hurricane Irma. Our staff and our customers are what make us great! We are here to help our customers with their recovery efforts in any way that we can. Thank you from all of us at Legal Shred!

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