Prepare Your Office for End of Summer and Fall Kick-off

Prepare Your Office for End of Summer and Fall Kick-off Here are some ways you can prepare your office for the end of summer / fall switchover. 


There’s nothing quite like the changing seasons on the east coast. From New York to Connecticut and New Jersey there’s some pretty incredible fall foliage drives to enjoy. 


As we wind down the warm season, it also comes with responsibilities for homeowners and businesses to clean up and get ready as a new calendar year approaches.


Here are some ways you can prepare your home and workplace office for the end of summer / fall season switchover. 


Clean Up


This one is number one on our list because it’s the most critical of all steps in preparing for seasonal changes. You can’t get away with tidying up a space and organizing without starting from top to bottom and that means cleaning. 


Hire a professional company to assist you with this or recruit some of your employees to volunteer with cleaning out files and various spaces around the office. In addition to dusting, cleaning and sanitizing surfaces, it’s time to open the file cabinets and look through the printed stacks of paper to minimize clutter and toss what’s no longer needed. 


As you’re tossing paper waste, don’t forget to separate documents containing sensitive information for shredding. Identity theft and scams are still happening at alarming rates. You must use a professional shredding company to ensure your customer data and your private information doesn’t end up in the wrong hands. 


Computer Maintenance


While we cannot stress enough how important paper shredding and document destruction is year round, this is the perfect time – while you’re in full-on cleaning mode, to also do a big clean up of your computers. 


Standard maintenance, program updates and destruction of hard drives with sensitive data on them should top your list. You can never be sure where your waste ends up if you don’t hand it to a reputable waste destruction company. When it comes to computer hard drives you need them to be shredded into unrecognizable pieces if you want to keep peace of mind about whatever data you got rid of. While you’re at it, run all the latest patches and updates for your security software on your devices so you have the latest versions running at all times.


Legal Shred works with businesses and consumers to keep their offices and homes free of paper clutter and sensitive information safe and secure. Schedule your cleanup and shredding today! 



Prepare Your Office for End of Summer and Fall Kick-off

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