Preparing for Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week

Preparing for Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week:  From January 25-January 29, the week is dedicated to raising awareness to practice safety and be aware of potential threats.


The month of January is typically regarded as a time to refresh and reset for the New Year. It’s a time when resolutions to do better are made and when we close out everything from the year prior. It’s also the start of Tax Season. Whether you dread this time of year because you’re never really organized or well prepared,  or if you have been looking for a way to be better about your financial records – one important thing we cannot forget is the need to practice secure storage and removal of any records or files that contain sensitive information. 


Tax season is a critical time of year to practice safety and be aware of potential threats as it is also one of the times of the year when fraudsters are looking to compromise personal information. 


Next week, from January 25-January 29, is an entire week dedicated to raising awareness around this important topic


Here are our tips to help you get ready for the season ahead and prep for Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week 


Get Organized: Be Ready to File As Early As Possible

We’re just a few weeks into the New Year. Now’s a better time than ever to get all of your paperwork and files in order so you can be ready to file your tax returns for 2020 as early as possible. Experts advise that doing so will leave fewer chances for imposters who try to file fraudulent returns to do so successfully. 


Get Informed: Brush Up on the Latest Scams

One of the best methods of defense against an identity theft attack is to recognize a scam as it’s happening. There are many clever ways that thieves will try to gain access to your information or trick you into giving it up (like pretending to send an email from a legitimate business). Know the signs and be sure to check the FTC’s website for all the latest fraud warnings so you can safeguard your personal information. Tax Identity Theft Awareness Week will serve as a great time to read about all of the new and emerging threats this year and tips for defending yourself.


Get Serious: Take Data Security to the Next Level

If you’ve never given much thought to your business or personal file security and preparing for tax identity theft, now’s the time to start taking these steps seriously. The amount of identity theft cases continue to rise and having updated security software, best practices, and steps like professional document destruction services in place will help you in your defenses year-round. 


Legal Shred’s paper shredding services provide professional, hassle-free, and convenient options so you know your data is secure until it’s destroyed. Call today to learn more! 



Preparing for Tax Identity 

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