Data security is an ongoing issue in a data-driven society. Here are some of the more current data security topics from the identity protection experts at Legal Shred.

Here’s what you missed in data security this month from Legal Shred.

General Protection Data Regulation and How It Applies To You

The General Protection Data Regulation (GDPR) is a new, EU-wide privacy and data protection law.  It calls for more privacy protections in an organization’s systems, more nuanced data protection agreements, and more consumer-friendly and detailed disclosures about an organization’s privacy and data protection practices. If you run a business in the U.S., why should you care? If your organization collects, uses, or shares personal data of EU citizens, it matters a great deal. Read here to learn more about GDPR and how it affects your business.

Data Security Trends

With the launch of GDPR, the Cambridge Analytica fiasco, and our social media use, data security is something that is on the minds of businesses and Internet users all over the world. What is happening in data security today and how can you keep yourself protected? Read about top trends in data security and how you can stay safe.      

Data Security Mistakes: Avoiding Pitfalls

Making these common data security mistakes can open yourself up to data breaches, identity theft, and compromising your security. Why should you care about your online activities and avoid using outdated technology? The answers may surprise you.    

Even Allstate Wants You to Understand Data

Allstate recently launched a consumer education initiative to help customers better understand how their data is shared. The “Hidden World of Data” demystifies how our digital footprints can lead to vulnerability, from sharing on social media, location services, online shopping, and more. Here’s the scoop on the company’s campaign and give you a better understanding of how your data is used online.                            

It’s getting harder every day to protect an organization’s data from external and internal and threats, but understanding how data works and how you share information can help you protect your business and yourself from data breaches.


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