Professional Wellness Month

Professional Wellness Month – The month of June highlights the importance of good workplace environments as we celebrate Professional Wellness Month.


Most U.S. workers have returned to offices and workplaces across the nation now as social distancing mandates lift and businesses reopen. Whether you’re now part of the new remote workforce or you’ve headed to a brick and mortar location again – one thing is true – nothing’s the same. 


We all understand how important hygiene is a little more now and for many of us, work-life balance has become a priority. The time away during the shut downs was a real eye opener about the importance of rest, of family and of spending time doing more than just work. 


Employers too have a responsibility to always ensure their workers feel good about the job they’ve been assigned to do and that their workplace is a comfortable, welcoming and safe environment for all. 


The month of June highlights the importance of good workplace environments as we celebrate Professional Wellness Month.


Employee wellness encompasses physical and mental health and focuses on curbing things like mental burnout or even physical injury that can result from the job. Overworked, sedentary and unfulfilled employees also bring with them diminished productivity, emotional issues and more. 


This month should be dedicated to understanding and putting a plan in action to help have better employees who are happy, more satisfied and working on their personal well-being so they can show up to work refreshed, healthy and ready to bring value to the organization. 


Here are a few ways to bring awareness to the need for overall wellness in and outside of your workplace. 

Encourage Breaks

It’s easy to want everyone to be in attendance and working every day but workers need a break so they can get things done on a personal level too. By encouraging them to use their time off and take needed breaks when needed they can catch up on errands, take a mental health day and just relax and recharge. 


Focus on Team Building 

Workplace productivity cannot happen without colleagues who get along and work together to be productive. It’s important to have team building sessions to grow those relationships and to train staff to do tasks outside of their own so they can be a backup and support for other workers when needed. 

Promote Physical Health 

There’s nothing worse than sitting at a desk all day working without stretching or moving. By the end of a long day it can be hard to even get your body to move without being sore. As a responsible employer you should promote physical activities like a team walk around the office, or even adding in a fun fitness class or nature walk for the team to take together. 



Professional Wellness Month

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