Protecting Our Identity During the Holidays

Holiday Shopping Identity Theft Protection Tips – Whether you’re planning on making your holiday purchases online or in-store, follow these tips to keep fraudsters away.

The 2020 holiday shopping season is already well underway. This year’s combination of online shopping and social distancing has created a unique demand for goods, and retailers have been answering with early deals and ground-breaking prices on popular holiday gift items. 

When you’re making purchases – online or in-store –  this holiday season, it’s essential to keep in mind that fraudsters are still lurking in the background and, especially in this season, looking for an opportunity to steal personal information for financial gain. 

Here are some of the ways you can protect your identity while shopping during the holidays. 

Use Cash When Possible

Not many people today carry cash in their wallets. We’ve become a mainly cashless society and are moving more and more to contactless payment options. While there are lots of conveniences offered through these options, there are just as many risks. If you want to protect your identity and financial data, withdraw some cash before you head out for holiday shopping.  As a bonus, using cash will help you stay within your budget too! 

Stick to Well-Protected Credit Cards

It’s far better to use a credit card with more security protections attached to it than your bank card which is directly connected to your existing accounts. The built-in fraud protection that comes when using a credit card will go a long way in ensuring you remain protected if a breach does occur. 

Be Wary of Too Good Deals or Suspicious Retailers 

Whether you’re shopping at brick-and-mortar retail locations or clicking around online, it’s essential to be realistic about the deals you see. If the website or store you’re shopping at isn’t a familiar place or something seems out of the ordinary, be leery of swiping your credit or debit card. It’s far too easy for weak security measures in payment systems or fake online sites to be created today. 

Stay safe and happy holiday shopping! 


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