Recurring Services Benefits

Recurring Services Benefits – In case you need more convincing to sign up for professional paper shredding, here are 3 benefits of recurring service. 

Here in America, we’re a nation that loves convenience. And for good reason. Anytime we can save time, money and get better results – it’s a win! When it comes to necessary services like waste pick-up and the ability to protect our private data – this type of convenience is unparalleled. 

At Legal Shred, we believe that our customers love being able to know that someone they rely on and can trust will always be there on schedule to handle the pick-up and disposal of their documents. 

Today, with fraud and scamming at an all-time high, having large paper shredders that drive up to your location and do all of the shredding right on site, before we even drive off is something so many businesses have come to appreciate. 

In case you need more convincing or are still on the fence whether or not to sign up for professional paper shredding, here are 3 benefits of recurring service. 

  • Minimize the Time Employees Spend Handling these Tasks

Efficiency and productivity are important to any business. When you’re trying to run a tight ship and want to ensure your employees are focused on their core competencies, it makes sense to remove any extras from their pile of tasks so they can work efficiently. Things like making sure to shred every document or remove trash to the right containers can add a layer of human error to the process and even take time away from actual work. With recurring services from a vendor you trust, you gain peace of mind, reassurance and your employees and work confidently knowing those items they toss in the labeled bins will be handled as needed.

  • Cut Costs and Decrease Waste

Our shredding services not only help you to run your business with efficiency but they also help to cut costs. When you’re not wasting valuable resources to sort and shred and then handle the disposal of the sensitive documents you’re saving money already. We also offer some of the quickest pickup times in the industry and offer price matches on our services. What’s more – we’re green friendly. All of the paper is recycled after the document shredding process to conserve resources and reduce pollution.

  • Keep Sensitive Information Secure & Compliant

Staying up to date on compliance laws is important. If your business must meet certain waste disposal obligations, it’s critical to meet them. Legal Shred understands these laws in every industry and will ensure they’re always being met. Legal Shred is a member of NAID (National Association of Information Destruction) and are HIPAA and Gramm, Leach-Bliley Compliant. There’s an immense level of trust to be earned with your customers and clients today and you can only do it when you partner with a company that makes security a top priority. 


Recurring Services Benefits

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