Remember to Shred! Tips for Safe Document Disposal

Remember to Shred! Tips for Safe Document Disposal  – A closer look at safe document disposal and those items that should be shredded and not tossed in the trash. 

With a new year and tax season now in full swing, many are likely combing through piles of papers on their desks and in their drawers that have accumulated over the last year. From sales receipts to invoices, important correspondence from insurance or medical facilities, business files, and more – there’s so much to be sorted and tossed. 

We’ve described in the past what files to keep and how long. For this post, we’re taking a closer look at safe document disposal and those items that should be shredded and not tossed in the trash as you organize. 

What’s the main goal with shredding documents? To protect your identity and private information. We tend to focus on the pieces of paper where our account numbers of card data are present and mark those for shredding. While they are high on the list for shredding, there are others to consider that are too often forgotten and could still leave you vulnerable for an attack. 

Some of these rarely thought-of items include old resumes. If you’re like most, you likely have a few versions of your resume lying around from past job interviews, but these outdated resumes include information about you on them. In the hands of the wrong fraudsters, it could help lead them through a scam. Think about it. They now have data about you like your name, address, email, phone number, and even employment and educational information to falsely “prove” they are you during a fraud attempt. 

Other documents you should remember to shred include airplane boarding passes, pamphlets that come with your prescription meds – there’s so much paper out there with your private data on it. The more you know about it, the better protected you can be. 

So what can you do right now, as you’re sorting and organizing? Shred more than you planned! Go through those items you thought about tossing in the trash and make sure they don’t have these kinds of details on them. If there’s any doubt or question – put the document in the shredding pile. 

Professional shredding services work because they destroy your documents into tiny finite pieces that can never be reaccessed. 

Legal Shred provides both business and residential shredding services. With curbside shredding or convenient drop-off locations, our team is dedicated to keeping your information safe, destroyed, and protected!

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