Remote Working Tips During the Coronavirus Outbreak

More businesses are anticipated to join remote working capabilities as the Coronavirus spreads across the nation.

Working from home isn’t a new concept. For many tech-forward companies and office workers, deciding to log into the company’s network and complete your daily tasks from home after hours or when you’re traveling or ill is nothing new. In these settings, you’re usually accessing files, uploading documents and perhaps even printing invoices or other correspondences throughout the day. While there are typically defenses and policies in place for work from home programs like these, now that more people are considering it, it’s worth reviewing the standards. Here are some helpful remote working tips.

More businesses are anticipated to join the next generation working capabilities as the Coronavirus spreads across the nation.

The CDC issued a notice late in February urging businesses to start thinking about preparations in the case that COVID-19, or a new coronavirus, started to spread. Remote working options not only allow employees to stay home and away from risks of contamination, but they can also remain just as productive as they are in office. Exchanging emails, collaborating and having virtual phone and video meetings with colleagues and clients is all possible with an internet connection. As an added benefit, you can also maintain important uptime of your operations and avoid costly hiccups or possible information leaks. 

In addition to work from home etiquette and security policies, it is critical to incorporate paper shredding rules in your policy. Being especially careful with any work-related waste produced at home is just as important as guarding personal information. If there is a mandate to shred items in your standard office practices, those need to also apply when working from home.

Employees can be given the option to return the confidential information back to the office when they are in next for shredding or use at home shredding pick-up by a professional company. To assist with this, Legal Shred has begun to offer a new service. This includes a pre-paid bag that is sent by postal mail to your employee’s home. They fill the bag with any confidential information that they wish to destroy. Once the bag is full, they can call our offices for curbside shredding. We also offer a contact-less process, whereby the bag can be left outside the door upon our arrival, and the shredding process can be viewed through a door frame or window. A certificate of destruction will be provided upon completion for office records. Maintaining compliance during these difficult times and as companies adjust to a new way of working eases burdens and ensures your business remains compliant at all times.

Don’t wait until there is a mandate to stay home before testing out your work from home procedures and processes. Get prepared early and help employees feel comfortable with the process now.


Remote Working

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