Need a Productivity Boost? Try Routine Paper Shredding Services

Boost productivity with a routine paper shredding service that fits your needs.

Did you know that science supports the notion that clutter can negatively impact efficiency? To paraphrase what researchers at the Princeton University Neuroscience Institute found, when your environment is cluttered, the chaos restricts your ability to focus.

This applies not only to your home, but to your office environment as well. For businesses, clutter comes in many forms; a surplus of office supplies, unused or outdated marketing materials, piles of boxes containing old documents that have long passed their expiration date for retention. Whatever your clutter is, it is good business practice to keep clutter in check, not only for office safety, but for presentation as well.

Think about it this way: your employees and, even worse, visiting clients, might assume your messy office means an inability to prioritize and a poor work ethic. No one wants to make that kind of impression.

It’s not just a matter of picking up loose papers and creating stacks to reduce the look of clutter; it’s about processing said papers, disposing of what is not necessary and properly filing what papers need to be kept.

Perhaps paper clutter is the biggest offender of office cleanliness, and it can be the most challenging to deal with, simply because of the volume produced.  Before it becomes overwhelming, it’s a good idea to set-up routine paper shredding for business and employee health, and to boost productivity levels.

Here are some tips to help keep your clutter in check:

  • Dispose of unneeded or duplicate items
  • Sort by groups of items; file, store for compliance, and recycle
  • Choose the right container for each item. File boxes, filing cabinets, and folders should do the trick
  • Reduce the amount of paper you receive in the future; opt in for electronic statements, reduce financial records by consolidating bank accounts and credit cards

Of course, when it’s time to toss some of that paperwork, routine paper shredding can help you lose the excess and keep it that way indefinitely.

A regularly scheduled mobile paper shredding service is perfect for businesses that frequently produce sensitive and confidential documents and want to comply with information security standards. What’s more, routine document destruction means no clutter, which will give everyone in your office a productivity boost. Routine service provides the best protection for your secure documents at the most cost-effective price.

With Legal Shred, our powerful shredders not only secure individual discretion through the elimination of certain personal documents, we help provide a great deal of organizational benefits by eliminating your clutter. Need a productivity boost? Contact us today.

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