Today is Safe Internet Day: Here is What That Means

This year’s Safe Internet Day (SID) is focused on coming together to create a better Internet.

In a world more deeply connected by the Internet as each day passes, it’s become important to instill some basic rules for conduct to protect online users and the public every time they connect to the Web.

When it comes to children especially, it’s important to teach them how to navigate with caution and to protect them as they find connected devices becoming a part of their everyday life.

This year’s Safe Internet Day (SID) is focused on coming together to create a better Internet.

In honor of this day, we’re taking some time to share the important ways everyone can work together and ensure the Internet remains a safe place for work and play.

Define Proper Online Conduct

As users of the world wide web, it’s important to set rules for general conduct to follow. Especially for children. Much like they learn to play with others on the playground and being respectful and patient with their peers, being online should be treated with the same common courtesies.

Help children and teens understand the importance of protecting their online identity and reputation by defining the ways they can use online communications in a positive, creative and constructive way and then be a role model for that type of online conduct.

Working with Educators, Businesses and Politicians

Outside of our homes, there is more that can be done to create a safer Internet for all. A large effort is needed to combat cybercriminals and many of the dangers lurking on the Web today. Politicians, business owners and even educators play a role in helping to ensure these policies and practices are in place.

Do your part today to help make the Internet a better place and use the Web wisely.


Safe Internet Day

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