Safe Summer Travels: Tips to Protect Your Identity

Safe Summer Travels: Tips to Protect Your Identity – Keep safe during your travels this summer with these tips to ward off identity theft.


Summertime safety is a topic we hear a lot about. Whether it’s establishing rules for those swimming at the pool, or taking care to keep harmful mosquito bites at bay – there is a tips and tricks list for just about every concern the summer months bring. But one huge issue that’s happening to vulnerable victims across the globe doesn’t come in the form of a physical ailment, the summer months can also be a high time for the crime.


Since most people are traveling and vacationing this summer (especially after the restrictions from 2020 being lifted) there is a need to be extra vigilant to protect your identity from scammers and thieves during this time. They know people are desperate to get away and they know that easily tricking you with a spoof email or phone call pretending to be the travel agent could easily get them the information they need to perpetuate an attack.


Here are our top tips for protecting your identity while you travel this summer:


Book Travel on Safe Sites Only.

It can be very tempting to be lured into a “too good to be true” deal for a vacation online. Be careful of those ads and links you’re clicking – they could be an attempt to get your information and not an actual dirt cheap deal to get you to paradise for the week. Always be sure the URL for the booking website you’re using is accurate and safe. Look for the lock icon at the beginning of the URL and https:// as a clue that the site is indeed secure before entering any information.


Stay Off Social Media.

It can be tempting to want to tell everyone about your upcoming exciting trip or post pictures from your adventures while you’re having them but the world of social media can also be an entryway for thieves. If they realize you’re away from home for a period of time – or that you could easily be tricked into giving up your payment details they can use all of this information you’re freely posting online to conduct their scheme.


Get Your Security In Order Before You Go.

Before you leave for your trip, run through and change all of your passwords and ensure you have updated security software running on all devices. Inform your credit card company about where you’ll be traveling to avoid using your card tied to your bank account for any transactions while you’re away. You should also keep all of your sensitive documents and ids, passports, itineraries etc. safe and tucked away from other’s eyes. Any documents that contain sensitive data and are no longer needed should be shredded and brought to a professional paper shredding facility for safe handling and disposal.



Safe Summer Travels: Tips to Protect Your Identity

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