Security Risks of DIY Paper Shredding

Security Risks of DIY Paper Shredding – Here is a quick look at just some of the dangers and security risks associated with DIY document destruction and ways to avoid them.

Security breaches and identity theft are at an all-time high today. News reports about hackers taking personal data and other fraud attempts are far too common. As a first line of defense for protecting their information, businesses turn to paper shredding to safely dispose of documents they no longer need. 

While there is some time and focus that needs to be put into choosing the files that will be shredded versus tossed in the trash, it doesn’t have to be hard on your in-house staff if you partner with a professional shredding services provider. They’ll not only ensure things are destroyed properly, but they’ll also remove all the risks that trying to DIY shredding can bring to an organization. 

First, when you opt to do it yourself instead of depending on secure paper shredding services, you put your company and yourself at risk – plus how can you prove that documents have actually been shredded without the paperwork to prove it?

Here is a quick look at just some of the dangers associated with DIY document destruction and ways to avoid them.

Paper Shredding Is Better Left To The Pros

A professional document destruction company will have the right equipment to get rid of your private waste. If you don’t have a paper shredder for large volumes of confidential information, or if your office doesn’t have enough space for all those boxes of shredded paper, then it’s probably best to leave this task up to professionals who do have those things available.

Plus, they know what they are doing. If there’s any chance that something could go wrong–you don’t want it to involve sensitive information. 

The professionals already have all necessary permits and insurance policies in place so everything runs smoothly from start to finish without any questions down the line.

You could leak private information by making mistakes.

You may think that you’re being careful, but if you’re doing your own shredding, then there is a chance that sensitive data could be spread around in ways that could cause problems for your business. For example, you could accidentally leave a piece of paper with sensitive information on it in the trash can and this would allow anyone who found this document to see what kind of information it contains. Or, you might accidentally shred documents that require a different form of retention or handling. It’s far too easy to make a mistake. 

Your company risks severe fines if you do not shred personal information. Several federal regulations impose stiff penalties against companies that do not protect consumer information, so your company needs to shred any documents containing personally identifiable information (PII) or protected health information (PHI).

Also, Working with a NAID AAA Certified Shredding Company means that your information is being destroyed by professionals who pass third-party security audits.

It’s hard to get rid of all data forever on your own.

It’s hard to get rid of all the data and security risks when you try to do it yourself. Even if you shred it, there are still traces of the data left and there are ways for hackers and criminals to recover what’s left over from those documents. Plus, you can’t just shred it and throw it away in the trash. This could be considered illegal in some jurisdictions. And even if you do manage to dispose of your shredded documents properly, can you confirm with paperwork that everything has been handled in accordance with the law?

The bottom line is that paper shredding is a job for professionals. Never mind trying to save a few bucks, this isn’t the task to cut corners on. If you have sensitive data that needs to be destroyed, then hiring an expert is the safest way to go.


Security Risks of DIY Paper Shredding

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