Security Tips for Back to School & Work

Security Tips for Back to School & Work – Back to School season has returned and in many districts it also means a return to in-person classes again. After a year of virtual learning, many students and teachers are making their way back to the buildings and routines we all had prior to 2020.  Office buildings are also starting to welcome employees back in house and the transition is something many are now facing. 


While there is no doubt that this is a unique and special time for most, even amongst all of the rushing and bustling to start these routines back up, we cannot forget how important it is to maintain data safety and security throughout these times. 


Here are 3 security tips for protecting your information: 


Maintain Secure Networks 

Whether you’re overseeing the data networks in your school, office or at home – it is absolutely crucial that these connections to the Internet remain secure for users and protected. Update all of your security monitoring software. Do not share passwords or access to the networks with people you don’t trust. It’s also a good idea to keep administrator and student networks separate and that you set rules at the office for how to utilize the Internet and electronic devices while connected to your network. 


Keep a Backup System 

System failures happen. Being prepared for when they do is critical to your IT plans. Be sure to have a network backup system in place and that you test it regularly to ensure it will be up and running if and whenever you may need it. 


Shred All Documents No Longer Needed

It goes without saying that your data is vulnerable to an attack at any time. Since you cannot be sure whose hands your personal information can end up in, it is critical that you take care to have any documents, hard drives and other matter with your data on it safely and professionally shredded and disposed of.


As we all make our ways back to life as it was, keeping these critical security measures in mind will help the transition to be a particularly seamless and secure one. 



Security Tips for Back to School & Work

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